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Introducing the Spherachute LT, now 25% off!

Spherachutes is excited to release the beta version of a light weight Spherachute. This new parachute will have all of the design elements you've come to expect from Spherachutes; reliable hemispherical design, hefty construction, and superior craftsmanship. 

The only difference is the fabric. The usual 1.9 oz ripstop is replaced by 1.1 oz silicon coated ripstop. You'll be reaching new heights with the Spherachute LT

For a limited time, we are offering the Spherachute LT for 25% off retail! We only ask that you provide us with feedback about how the chute worked for you. We will use this input to decide whether to make the Spherachute LT a permanent addition to the Spherachutes product line.

Currently, the Spherachute LT is only offered in red. However, more color options will be available if we decide to adopt this new design.

Weather balloon attachments are available for the Spherachute LT, simply add that option to your shopping cart.  Dealer discounts are prohibited on the Spherachute LT.

Spherachutes offers high quality parachutes for Rocketry, uav's, high altitude weather balloons and many other unmanned vehicles or payloads. Custom colors are available on any Spherachute at no extra charge. 

This top picture was taken by Sather Ranum who had this to say; "I just wanted to let you know I had a successful level 3 certification flight on Saturday with a Polecat Aerospace 7.5" Patriot on an M1315-W motor. She weighed 40 pounds on takeoff, went to 7,480' AGL, and came back down on a 60" drogue and a 168" main. Remember when you modified the 60" to beef it up for this weight? It worked great! Thanks again for all of your help. It was a beautiful sight!!" 

Thank you, Sather, for the great picture and continued business!


"Excellent chutes, excellent prices, excellent service, and custom colors, how can a guy go wrong!!! Like I said, I will be back for more!"

Jeff Miller