"Just wanted to say I was impressed with my last Spherachute order.  I used a 60" for my L1 certification flight.  The on board camera did a nice job filming it as it unpacked and deployed (around 1:36 in video). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ggnm6cXzij8

 I attempted L2 on the same rocket and chute and experienced a rear closure O-ring failure which resulted in the chute deploying at very high speed, probably a couple hundred mph.  The chute is basically fine.  All the stitching held, the gore panel fabric shows signs of stress at the stitches, but looks good enough to fly again for my next attempt."  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfkjB5-tN3k

-- George B.


"Just wanted to say thanks for the beautiful parachutes.  My new rocket is Orange, black and white, and so I ordered the chutes to match. I ordered on Sunday night and had my chutes Wednesday. They look great, will be ordering more for my next rocket." 

 --Paul S.


 "Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for your fantastic products and amazing prices. I've been a very satisfied Spherachute-ist for several years. Last weekend, I accidentally threw a 9000-foot ballistic reentry at 340 mph into an old 60" chute and the only thing that failed was a fist-size rip in the fabric-- not a single stitch on the chute popped-- I was amazed!”

-- David

  " I purchased my first Spherachute a couple months back. It arrived just a few days after I placed the order. Unfortunately, on it's first flight I had a premature deployment and the chute survived (other than the expected melting) at about 300 mph! Great chutes and service! And I love how easy they pack. You've got a customer for life."  

-- Aaron S.


    "Just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with my Spherachute parachute! I was able to safely retrieve my video camera footage, thanks to Spherachutes.
    It is a great product, one we don’t have a supplier or manufacturer for here in Australia. I 100% recommend Spherachutes for it’s reliability in weather balloon recovery.
    Last, but certainly not least, the service. Wow with the customer service!  My parachute was shipped ahead of schedule, and all correspondence was polite and pleasant. And when issues occurred, I was impressed by how quickly my needs were addressed.
Incredible customer service!”
A couple links to Jak’s awesome project:

-- Jak N. 

 "Thank you for the notification!  Last year you made a 144” chute for me that looked like the American flag.  I attained my L2 certification with the rocket that uses that chute.  That chute is a crowd pleaser and I always let people know it came from Spherachutes.  I hope business is good, you make the best working and best looking chutes!”

   --Tom M.

"The 'chutes arrived  just 3 days after I ordered them, wow! And they look great, too.”

   --Kevin M

 "Thank you so much for the hot pink and white chute! This will be perfect for my build. Also, your turnaround time was astoundingly fast! Hope business is well, you make an excellent product!"


"Just wanted to let you know that everything looked great.  It’s rare these days to find such excellent customer service."

   --Dan H.


 "I have always loved your products and considered Spherachutes to be my preferred parachute supplier.  Your attention to my dilemma and marvelous customer service has made me a life long customer.
Thank you so much for your amazing support and terrific products.”

--Tom M.


" Got the chutes yesterday, and whenever I open a package from Spherachutes, it just amazes me how these little gems of parachutes look and pack so small.  Myself and a few others think they are the best around!"

--Gary K.


"I received my parachute in time for the launch. I am very pleased with the product. It will serve me for many, many years to come, and I will always boast about it being a 'Spherachute'. Thank you so much! "

--Mike G.

"I can't say enough good things about your products! I had my 4" Patriot land in the trees on Sunday 10/13/14, found it, hooked it with a firemans pole and pulled it down, G.R. and I were literally hanging from the shock cord (and parachute) to tear it down out of the tree. There isn't a single rip, tear or damaged stitch!!!

I also flew my 8ft 18lb Archer using one your Medium Drogues (18") and the 84" red, white and blue chute you made for me to a perfect landing/safe recovery! "
--Dave G.



"Thank you to the awesome team at Spherachutes for the exceptional customer service in facilitating my order. Your prompt and clear assistance on product information and shipping was a big help. I have no doubt the product will turn out great. -- Simon (Singapore)”

"A friend took this video of one of my rockets over the weekend at our fall regional launch. It used two matching 168" Spherachutes to gently recover in the field. (It almost stuck the landing). http://youtu.be/jzHzY_3mMIY Thanks for your great products." -- Sather
"I received the new order notification a few minutes ago, thanks so much! I was figuring you could keep the extra $18 as a tip for me being a needy customer, but the return was a great surprise (I'm a grad student so every dollar counts, haha). I appreciate your awesome service. Spherachutes rocks :)" -- David
"I just wanted to thank you for making such a fine product. This last weekend at rocstock I had the chance to use your 120 inch chute on a 30 pound 7 foot rocket (Russian R-2) on a L-800 motor. Everything went great! The recovery was very slow giving me the chance to walk up to the landing spot before the R-2 even made it to the ground. THANKS!" -- Bob
"Thank you. That chute opening at 1300 feet was a beautiful sight!" -- Moe
"Hello to those at Spherachutes who made our 72 inch parachute. THANK YOU! Everything worked most excellent for the high altitude balloon project that was launched on October 18th. In fact, we've uploaded a video and I thought you might like to see just how well your parachute worked for our project. I especially liked the last 15 seconds of the flight. It's a short 3.5 minute video. Cool Color's your chute! Browse on over to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2YhqdMJiV8 Best regards," -- Howard
"I received my order today and they are awesome. You guys really have a good product, good prices and Excellent service. I will be ordering again soon and will encourage members of my club to do so also." -- Jerry
"Thank you for all your help. You’ve done a great job assisting us. We’re received the parachutes on Friday morning which was good and we managed to launch our satellite in a rocket. Thanks again. Your service is great!!" -- Amina
"In an age of impersonal internet shopping I found spherachutes' "personal" service a refreshing change. Their communication was excellent, the delivery speedy and the product excellent." -- Karl
"I almost fell over when the Mailman arrived today. I recieved your chutes today. Thanks for the outstanding service!!! Will be back for more!!! THANKS AGAIN" -- Jeff
"I am happy to find Spherachutes after visiting many less professional sites. This chute will be used as a Drogue Chute to allow a high-performance Glider to land in a small area. Your chutes are well-designed and made and not overpriced, I hope I can find an excuse to buy another one in the future." -- Max
"The parachutes for my Mercury Redstone arrived today, and of course they look great as usual. I can’t wait to launch this puppy and to use your ‘chutes. Many Thanks!" -- Kevin
"Thanks for the quick turn around on my order, I'll be able to use it at our club's launch this weekend. I'm very impressed with the quality and performance of your chutes. I'll be ordering more to replace the parasheets in some of my existing models, as well as for all my new projects. Thanks again!!" --Carl
"Thanks again for the great work! In fact I was surprised how quick they arrived. A Sunday night order and in my mailbox by Thursday. WOW! The quickest two-four weeks in recent memory. And as always, the quality is the best. THANX!" -- J. Brian
"Weather was finally permitting so I was able to fly at the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC) launch this month! I have attached a few pictures of my newest bird "ROC Lobster". This eleven pound all fiberglass rocket went just over a mile on a K513 and recovered beautifully on your 48" custom "Beefy" drogue and a 60" Spherachute main. After trying many other manufacturers, Spherachutes offer the perfect combination of strength, performance, and reliability. Additionally, the service is unmatched. All of my projects will be using Spherachutes!" -- Rob
"We are getting ready for the launch (at the end of October) of our 14' tall Jayhawk rocket (120 pounds). just tested the three 192" Spherachute parachutes clustered in deployment bags, to confirm clean deployment and no interference. They worked perfectly. Will hopefully get good photos of them in the air." -- Sather
"Here is a picture of my SuperNova under the 14ft. chute you made for me. Looks beautiful and works great. Happy New Year! And Thanks again," -- Alan
"Got my chute yesterday, and it's beautiful. Thanks for the great job and fast shipping!" -- James
"I have a photo of the chute attached (Brad L3e.jpg) and a couple of shots of the rocket that the chute brought back. Actually, this was my Level 3 certification flight on November 27 at Rainbow Valley, AZ. It went well. I think I'm a walking advertisement for your chutes. The quality is just the best on the market. You've also made two other chutes for me. They are the 84" in alternating orange and white." -- Brad
"These pictures are from the official NASA launch of the USM SLI rocket. Again, they show all 5 chutes in perfect order. The team did very well taking home 3 of the 5 awards available and acheived an altitude of 5329 feet just 49 feet off the one mile mark. We do have a DVD with some launch videos that we will be sending out in the next week or so. Thanks again for your sponsorship and the quick delivery of these chutes." -- Charlie
Just received my first order from you. Want to thank you for your prompt shipping and great product! I look to doing more business with you in the future. THANKS!!! :)" --Jim
Spherachutes is the most responsive / on-the-ball company I've ever dealt with, Internet or other." -- Ron
"Thanks for the fast shipping. I am a big fan of your products. Here is a picture of my 4x upscale Alpha under a 60' custom spherachute." -- Richard
Congratulations Julie! And thank You for offering the best parachutes my rocketry projects have ever had. I love my Spherachutes, and it's good to hear that Spherachutes is healthy and thriving...wouldn't know what to do without you." -- Carl
"I just recieved my order today and I have to tell you My wife and I are delighted. The service you provided was tremendous, The quality of the Chutes is superb. We will definately be calling on you again. Thank you so much" -- Troy
"Woohoo, got ‘em over the weekend. These are my first spherachutes, and I am very impressed. The craftsmanship is awesome. We were experiencing some very good breezes from one of the many passing hurricanes, and I was able to see the ‘chutes fully inflated. Got some good pictures too, will post on Rocketry Forum for others to see =)" -- Cris

I have no doubt that these chutes will be anything but great as I have ordered from you people previously. The quality blows the competition away. I recommend them to all my friends. Thanks again ! -- Grant