This is a project by Dean Roth. Thanks for the pic Dean.
This is Jerry O'Sullivans Terrier Sandhawk rocket. See Jerry's webpage at         
Scott McClusky's IRIS. Check out his site at
This is a high altitude balloon project by Arizona Near space research. The balloon went up to 86866 Ft. visit their site at
A scratchbuilt rocket by Gary Smokewood using 96", 48" and 24" Spherachutes.
You may remember a submarine called ALVIN, which in 1986 was the first sub to
visit the wreck of the TITANIC on the ocean floor off Newfoundland. It recently developed a problem with one of it's acrylic viewport windows. A 144" Spherachute was used to airdrop a new one to the rig off the coast of Mexico saving the $120,000 it would have cost to get the support ship back to dock. 
Bill Rossi's Bullpup. Shown is a 168" and a 192" Spherachute. The 168" (called the "lucky chute" by Bill) has over a dozen successful M flights logged, including 6 level 3 certs!