Fabric Box WrapFabric Box Wrap

This box wrap is made of durable neon orange ripstop. The wrap can fit two sizes of boxes.  The smaller styrofoam box has the inside dimensions of 8"X6"X4.25" and can be purchased here. The larger box is 8"X6"X9" and can be purchased here.  The design of this wrap is versatile and allows many options for camera placement.  Small holes can be cut in the fabric with minimal harm to the integrity of the wrap. Simply place your own information card into the transparent sleeve through a slit in the back.  Loops at the top and bottom provide simple attachment points.  The overall weight of the box wrap is 1.5 oz. Smaller box is shown in pictures. (Styrofoam box is not included and must be purchased separately at www.mrboxonline.com) 

Thank you to Ed Tyler for supplying the genius behind this design.