Medium Apex DrogueMedium Apex Drogue

The Apex Drogue is a simple design created to increase the drogue's drag as the speed increases. The concept is similar to a ballute parachute.  Similar drogues have been successfully utilized in underwater applications for over twenty years. The Apex has a small mouth for the air to enter which makes it nearly impossible for inversion.  It only has three lines to minimize tangling potential.   Each line is secured to the drogue using a butterfly technique. This type of connection can withstand large amounts of pressure and jostling.  The line is rated at 440 pound breaking strength.  Florescent orange ripstop and black webbing make a highly visible and gorgeous drogue.  We have such extreme confidence in the design and construction of the Apex that we are offering a free replacement warrantee.*

Small Apex -- use with 60" and 72" Spherachutes, stowed dimensions are 2"X2"X1.75",  1.2 ounces
Medium Apex -- use with 84" and 96" Spherachutes, stowed dimensions are 3"X3"X2", 1.9 ounces
Large Apex --  use with 108" and 120" Spherachutes, stowed dimensions are 3.5"X3.5"X2", 2.8 ounces
XLarge Apex -- use with 144",168", and 192" Spherachutes, Stowed dimensions are 4.5"X3.5"X2.5", 4.1 ounces

*Warrantee void if damage is caused by heat, sun, or snags resulting in rips. Warrantee is void if the parachute is used for purposes other than aerial applications.  Not intended for underwater use.